How long do the effects of hhc last?

Although research on the safety of HHC is limited, everything suggests that it is no more dangerous than THC. The main difference between HHC and THC is the duration of their effects. HHC produces effects that can last up to 12 hours, while the effects of THC only last a few hours. HHC naturally exists in plant seeds and pollen, but requires hydrogenation for extremely small amounts to be viable for use.

So before you feel too comfortable to get a drug test after using HHC, you should ask yourself several questions, including what your THC levels are and how long it will stay in your urine. The concentration in milligrams of an HHC product can influence how much is left in the body while it is being metabolized. This is because, as the body breaks down HHC, THC metabolites are formed to completely purge the cannabinoid from the body. Kauert Stefania, & Toennes (200) observed that HHC takes longer to be eliminated from the body or urine in frequent users, since it accumulates in the system.

Although the process of obtaining HHC is sophisticated, the potency levels and the effect of the cannabinoids are maintained. Because HHC occurs naturally in small concentrations, most of its products are manufactured in a laboratory. Your body may develop a tolerance to HHC, which will require you to consume larger doses to feel the same effects. Although there is little research on HHC, a recently discovered compound, most consumers claim that its effect on the human body is similar to that of THC.

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