Does hhc get you tired?

However, the effects of HHC may vary depending on how much you consume. For example, a small amount may cause only mild relaxation, while a larger dose may cause drowsiness. Users often describe it as a type of euphoria. Overall, the feeling is incredibly relaxing.

It's a great way to start or end the day, depending on personal preference. If you're just looking for a way to relax while watching your new favorite show or to end a night with friends, HHC is your ideal place to relax. Does HHC make you high? Yes, the HHC places you. It has mild psychoactive effects because it is a homologue of Delta 9, which means that they have similar molecular structures and can activate the same cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system, specifically cannabinoid 1 (CB).

However, HHC has a lower CB1 binding affinity than Delta 9, making it a better choice for first-time users. Research strongly supports that HHC is no more dangerous than THC, although if you do a simple search for what HHC is from a safety point of view, you probably won't find much. Although, anecdotally, some users claim that HHC and delta-8 THC produce similar effects, HHC and delta-8 THC are two different chemical compounds.

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