Does hhc affect memory?

A reader states that HHC “acts faster with more effects “similar to those of Sativa”. Cannabis folklore on the Internet states that common sativas produce “mental euphoria” with effects that include sedation, couch blocking, reduced anxiety and relaxation. However, another reader states that HHC promotes “mental clarity, positive euphoric feelings and energy”. These effects are often associated with Indica cannabis varieties.

Hydrogen is added to THC, which is easily extracted from the plant to obtain levels of HHC that can be used in manufacturing operations. While HHC maintains many of the natural properties of THC after hydrogenation, its distinctive characteristics make it a preferred choice for many product consumers. For example, HHC is stable, but THC is susceptible to oxidation, which decreases its quality and potency. In addition, the stability of the chemical structure of HHC increases its affinity for the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system.

Although HHC is weaker than delta-9, first-time cannabis users should take as little HHC as possible.

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